Monday, November 4, 2013

Move Tracker now available

My first App on Google Play! 

Now it's alive on Google Play - Move Tracker. My first ever published App. It all started when I bought my Sony Xperia Active and tried out the various training Apps available last year. Most of them was good but i had a hard time reading the data during my work outs. 

Since I normally wear glasses, but not during training, I had a really hard time using any of the available Apps for reading out my pulse, pace, distance etc. I therefore started to think how I would like a training app to work and look like. The most challenging part was to get the layout to work as I wanted in a ActionTab interface and also get the map to work properly. The ANT+ logic also took some time to get working. I had to settle with Android 3.0 or newer for this to work as I wanted.

Since I live in Sweden I haven't been motivated to implement imperial units yet. I normally use the site MapMyTracks to export my GPX-files by the "Mail..." function in Move Tracker after a workout.

Well, you can try out the result and give me some feedback. It certainly lacks some of the cool features that other training apps have but for me it gets the job done without me wearing glasses :D. Don't hesitate to contact me with bugs or cool feature requests!

Custom layout in landscape/portrait mode.

Currently available data fields.