Saturday, January 31, 2015

Version 1.1.5 Out

I've spent a couple of nights getting Move Tracker building again after quite a while of inactivity. Took me some fiddling to get everythig to work in the new Android Studio 1.0.2 environment but I hope nothing is broken now.

Two new features were added:

Lap time beep notification
Added new configurable setting to allow beep notificaitons every 1 Km.

Action bar icons for Delete, Mail and Export in the track detail view to complement the context menu and long press in the track list view.

Fingers crossed nothing was broken during the work...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Version 1.1.4 out with configurable calculated "pace" value

I'm alive. Since my knee is usable I have started to run. My running phone, the Sony Ericson Active, gives me some weird pace numbers. I therefore decided to add an experimental calculated pace number as a new cell type. I guess some devices gives a reasonable pace number when calculated from the GPS speed so feel free to experiment with the new pace setting.

The number of GPS points included in the calculation can be configured under Settings / Calculations. I.e. a value of 5 points would normally give a 4 second sample that the pace number is calculated from. More points will give a more stable number but also wont react as quickly to speed changes.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Updated to new ANT Plus API in version 1.1.2

Hi again!
Short update here. Finally my new ANT+ HRM arrived in the mail. I ordered a cheap unit from ebay for around $30 with shipping. It works great on both my Sony Xperia Active and a Samsung Galaxy S4.

I think the app will be much more stable catching the HRM devices now. It automatically pairs to the first device it gets a reading from. If you want to pair with another device, all youv'e got to do is clear the "HRM Device Id" field under "Settings / ANT+ Settings" and restart the App and it should pair with another device instead. Empty field is the trigger.

Hope it works as expected otherwise give me some feedback.

Happy training :-)

Monday, November 11, 2013

New version out 1.1.0

Hello guys! Just spent a few more hours adding features to Move Tracker. The biggest new feature must be the possibility to use four or six fields during tracking on the main display. Usable four those of you with larger displays.

 I also decided to remove the Ad field during tracking to get even better view of the data fields. I guess most of you are busy with other stuff during tracking anyway.

Another new feature is the notification alert that is started during tracking so you can easily get back to Move Tracker if you need to leave the App for some reason. If you tap the notification you will get back into the App again.

 The last thing added is a new field type, time of day. I mostly work out during lunch time and sometimes need to have a clue what time it is so I won't miss a meeting. I'll give you some screenshots down below...
The 6-Cell layout in portrait mode.
And in landscape mode on my Samsung Galaxy S3
Notification alert during tracking.
The new configuration value. Remeber to restart the App.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Future features

Since I think current version (1.0.10) of Move Tracker is quite stable, I am planning on what features to add next. It would be of great help if some of the current users could help me and prioritize the order to add new features. I therefore list some of my ideas here and if I get some feedback I will prioritize from that. Here it comes in no special order:

Imperial units

Add posibility to configure Imperial units (feet / miles).

Custom colored data fields

Add the possibility to color the data fields by settings value ranges. I.e. for the HRM value:
  • 0-99 - Green Text
  • 100-150 - Yellow Text
  • 151-250 - Red Text

I'm not sure if this is interesting or just Gold Plating ;-)

More fields

Possible to configure if the Display Tab shows 4 (as it is now), 6 (1x6 or 3x2) or 8 (1x9 or 3x3) data fields. This might be quite useful for all users with larger displays. Not for my Xperia Active...

KML Support

Add support for exporting KML files. This would also make it possible to add a replay in Google Earth function.

File Import (GPX+KML)

Possibility to import files back to Move Tracker from other training Apps or Training sites.

Extended statistics

Add more statistics to the track detail view. Graphs over Speed, Pulse, Pace etc.

Slider control to Pause / Resume tracking

Add a Pause slider button during tracking and a Resume slider button to use when paused.

Text to Speach

Add possibility to use Text-To-Speech for every split time.

More data fields

Since ANT+ is in place it would be quite simple to add some more ANT+ fields such as Cadence. Other ideas are field and algorithm for Calories.

Support for Bluetooth 4.0 HRM

Since Bluetooth 4.0 is appearing in current generation premium models such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 it would be nice to add this in addition to the ANT+ support currently available.

Auto Countdown

Auto countdown timer before start tracking.

Nicer User Interface

Pimp the user interface with icons and nicer look and feel.

Well, I think this will give me quite a few sleepless nights so I stop here. If some of you guys have some ideas let me know by adding a comment below.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Move Tracker now available

My first App on Google Play! 

Now it's alive on Google Play - Move Tracker. My first ever published App. It all started when I bought my Sony Xperia Active and tried out the various training Apps available last year. Most of them was good but i had a hard time reading the data during my work outs. 

Since I normally wear glasses, but not during training, I had a really hard time using any of the available Apps for reading out my pulse, pace, distance etc. I therefore started to think how I would like a training app to work and look like. The most challenging part was to get the layout to work as I wanted in a ActionTab interface and also get the map to work properly. The ANT+ logic also took some time to get working. I had to settle with Android 3.0 or newer for this to work as I wanted.

Since I live in Sweden I haven't been motivated to implement imperial units yet. I normally use the site MapMyTracks to export my GPX-files by the "Mail..." function in Move Tracker after a workout.

Well, you can try out the result and give me some feedback. It certainly lacks some of the cool features that other training apps have but for me it gets the job done without me wearing glasses :D. Don't hesitate to contact me with bugs or cool feature requests!

Custom layout in landscape/portrait mode.

Currently available data fields.