Monday, November 11, 2013

New version out 1.1.0

Hello guys! Just spent a few more hours adding features to Move Tracker. The biggest new feature must be the possibility to use four or six fields during tracking on the main display. Usable four those of you with larger displays.

 I also decided to remove the Ad field during tracking to get even better view of the data fields. I guess most of you are busy with other stuff during tracking anyway.

Another new feature is the notification alert that is started during tracking so you can easily get back to Move Tracker if you need to leave the App for some reason. If you tap the notification you will get back into the App again.

 The last thing added is a new field type, time of day. I mostly work out during lunch time and sometimes need to have a clue what time it is so I won't miss a meeting. I'll give you some screenshots down below...
The 6-Cell layout in portrait mode.
And in landscape mode on my Samsung Galaxy S3
Notification alert during tracking.
The new configuration value. Remeber to restart the App.